What does the Elavo Wave system do?

The Elavo Wave waste water management system eliminates bilge, black and grey waters generated on marine vessels, oil rigs, and any other system where oily water is made as a result of an industrial process.

The system uses a fully automated process to remove all oil, bio-film, and bacteria from a ship's bilge. The system continuously flushes and cleans the bilge with processed water. The volume of oil extracted, and the amount of water evaporated is measured and recorded. Data is periodically uploaded to our cloud servers and automatic reports are emailed to the customer each day.

Other systems draw water from the inner water layer between the top oil layer and the bottom sludge layer. This water is filtered and eventually dumped overboard or stored to be removed later at shore. As water is removed from the bilge the concentration of oil increases and may represent a fire hazard to the vessel. Our system takes a smarter approach. We draw water from the top oil layer and continuously separate the oil from the water. Clean water is returned to the bilge and as the oil is removed, the water is evaporated using waste heat from any source such as the engine or boilers. The remaining oil can be discard at shore, or can be burned away cleanly and safely.


The Elavo Wave System is an innovative solution for the elimination of oily waste water and provides these benefits:

  • Zero Overboard Discharge
  • Continuous Bilge Cleaning
  • Fully Automated Control
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Electronic Records
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Continuous Oil Extraction
  • Reduced Disposal Costs
  • Lowers the Risk of Fines
  • Reduces the Cost of Insurance

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