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We offer a fully automated waste water management system. Our system provides cost effective elimination of oily bilge water, grey water, and treated sewage water.

Our system uses waste heat energy from engines and other sources to separate and eliminate oil from waste waters. It achieves zero discharge of any water overboard, and uses no chemicals.

Zero discharge of waste water.

Discharging waste water can be a potential problem for marine operators. If traditional sytems fail and oil is discharge overbaord, fines could be in the millions of dollars. Our system eliminates the need to discharge bilge or other waste waters overboard.

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Environmental Commitment

We are committed to helping companies become better stewarts of our marine environment. With the Elavo System, companies can eliminate the need to discharge oily water into our lakes and oceans.

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We offers a wide range of services including:

  • Waste Water Assessment
  • Solution Management
  • Reporting
  • Electronic Logging
  • Marine Waste Water
  • Oil Rig Waste Water
  • Refinery Waste Water

Dedicated and specialist services to the marine, oil and gas industry

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Princess Cruises was given a massive fine for dumping oily bilge water in British waters. According to court documents the Caribbean Princess dumped more that 4000 gallons of bilge water off the English Cost...

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MST Mineralien Schiffahrt fined $1m

A German company was fined $1m US and its ship the Cornelia was detained for six weeks, for illegally dumping oily bilge water into the Greak Lakes...

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Department of Justice crackdown on illegal dumping

Its not just the coast guard that can catch you. Changes to the law mean that employees can earn a fortune by whistle blowing...

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