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Zero discharge of oily bilge water.

Elavo Wave uses proven and reliable technology to separate oil and other emulsions from marine bilge water.

We manufacture a waste water managment system which does not discharge any water overboard. Our patented system uses an easy to maintain oil water separation process and uses recovered waste heat to dispose of waste water by evaporation.

Any process which generates water and oil mixed, such as the bilge on ships or Oil & Gas refineries, can benefit from using our technology.

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We continuously improve our processes and equipment in order to bring our customers the best and most innovative solutions.


We believe that a companies integrity is as important as the products they provide. We commit to working with our customers with the goal of win-win for all.


Our equipment is designed to the hightest industry safety standards.


Our company is devoted to ensuring that our oceans and in-land lakes remain clean and healthy.

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